Royal Flushes went to Burgess and Darrell. Burgess hit his Royal at Circus
Circus while watching the NASCAR race Saturday evening. Darrell hit his Sunday
morning at the Hilton.
RENO 2006

Judy was so overwelmed by the early anticipation
of Darrel's victory that she needed to be escorted
from Boomstown.

Teri May and April May also hit for undisclosed
amounts of cash at Circus Circus.

Debbie nailed penny machines, not once, not twice
but three times - each for over $400. She hit the
first two within 30 minutes of each other at Circus
Circus and the third at the Nugget.

Bud scored by slamming the same two machines at
the Nugget that he hit last year.

Don't forget Robert's big victory on the way up. He
was randomly selected from a bag of Fritos to play
"Dare or No Dare".

Also, Rose was the biggest bingo winner. She won
two out of three games.

And, a round of applause to Characters' version of
"Viva, Las Vegas". Yes, it was Hootie

Thank you, Rich - it's always
a pleasure.

Welcome first timers and
congratulations to all.

Hope to see you on next
year's Reno 2007 trip.
Characters Saloon's Eleventh Annual Reno Trip