Characters Saloon
Top finalists from right to left: Queen Janice, Julie, Donna, Sally,
Rose and Connie. Not shown is Debbie M. - who was out of town.
Queen Julie joined by her escort and
husband, Leonard.

Hail to Queen Julie
Queen of Characters 2007

Queen Julie was crowned by Queen Janice.
Queen Janice is the Queen of Characters 2006
and carries the legacy as the first Queen of Characters.
All the ladies were simply gorgeous.
Great judging by the fine patrons of Characters
and kudos to the Hootie-Hootie man
for an outstanding evening of entertainment.

Recall that in the spirit and Portuguese tradition referred to as the Holy Ghost, Characters hosts
an annual Soupish feed. In which case, we select a Queen for Characters. Her reign of honor lasts
approximately one year when a new queen is chosen and crowned. Queen Janice was the very
first Queen of Characters.  

As the Queen of Characters, Queen Julie is entitled to the following:
  • One free drink each month - must declare that day when entering and be wearing her tiara
  • Honored guest along with her escort to the Valentine and New Years buffet
  • Discounts to the poker runs
  • Characters Saloon cap and shirt
  • Dedicated plaque and web page