Our reigning Champion, Burgess, was
edged out of the top three positions this
year. His Makers Mark and Budwieser base
chili was no match for Betty's Navy bean and
chicken base chili. Betty won first place with
a fair lead. However, second through
seventh places were within points of each

On this afternoon, the weather was brisk
with beautiful blue skies. In the building,
eleven worthy cooks had brought in and
unveiled their heart cooked chili. On hand,
were forty five judges ready and willing to
determine the top three 2006 Chili Cook-off

After four hours of intense sampling and
tasting the judges ballots were tallied. The
results put Betty in first place with 33 points.
Second and third place went to Diane and
Bud with 29 and 28 points, respectively. Our
reigning Champion had 27. Leonard, Linda,
Jim and Al were all within a few points.

Frank's seafood chili and Donna's chicken
and white bean chili also scored well but
were not available for many of the earlier
judges. Sally made a chili stuffed zucchini
which was very tasty and scored many

Characters Saloon wishes to thank all the
contestants and judges. And, honorable
mention to all who brought in complementary
food in support of the Chili Cook-off. Kudos
to Charlie for the Mexican cornbread, April
for the cornbread, Leonard for the corn
muffins, Burgess for the salsa and chips, Al
(welder) for the 92 Octane salsa, Charlotte
for the lovely loaves of French bread and
Donna for the excellent apple cobbler.

We look for to next year's Chili Cook-off and
again thanks for making this a special and
eventful day.  

                               Characters Saloon
Characters 2006
Chili Cook-Off